Blackout: Tales From Storm Desmond, produced by The Dukes, Lancaster

Blackout is an original play inspired by stories and conversations with local people and organisations describing their experiences  during the Storm Desmond power cut in December 2015.

This is not a collection of soundbites or short vignettes strung together but a an engaging drama chronicling stories concurrently. Local people not only contributed to the material on which the play is based, but also perform as part of the community cast alongside professional actors.

The main thrust of the action begins with three different characters who are all about to experience a major change in their lives. A teenager who is moving school, a young woman leaving home and a woman giving up her job to start her own business. Each is about to embark on a new stage of their lives and is about to be impacted by the events following storm Desmond. The play follows each of them through their experiences and compares and contrasts their reactions and the resulting changes not only to their circumstances but to their personalities. By the end of the play each has become a different person in unexpected ways.

The stage setting is minimal but lends itself well to the action. It is supplemented by extremely realistic sound effects and other theatrical effects that add significantly to the illusion. As might be expected there is a good deal of total darkness during the play, this is often interrupted by powerful lighting effects that add to the drama but could be uncomfortable for some people.

I found Blackout a totally engaging play for two reasons, firstly because it describes local places and things we experienced and secondly because local people formed part of the cast.

Alan Chard
October 2107

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